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Dr. Brenda, Financial Coach

If you’d like to supercharge your way to financial freedom, punch your ticket at the Early Exit Academy. My focus is on helping you master your money, so that you can experience financial FREEDOM. What does freedom buy?

  • The freedom to travel the world on a moment's notice.
  • The freedom to quit your high-stress job and follow your dreams.
  • The freedom to choose how to spend each and every day.
  • The freedom to sleep peacefully without money worries.

My Academy workshops and courses will accelerate your journey to freedom. And if you prefer a more personal touch, I specialize in coaching awesome women who want more out of life! Just visit my coaching website, where you can learn about my 1-on-1 coaching programs, and even sign up for a Kickass session. Schedule your free 20-minute Explorer call today to discuss your best route to freedom. Because freedom waits for no one!

Dr. Brenda

Hi, I’ll be your navigator on this incredible journey!

Hi! I’m Dr. Brenda

I used to have a high-stress career, but one day it vanished. And the doors opened to a new kind of life. One that allowed me to explore what I really wanted out of life.

Now I’m on a mission to help you become financially free and escape the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.

Do you really want to be punching the clock until you’re too old to enjoy life? Let me help you design a more rewarding life with fewer money worries.