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​Interactive Adventure-Themed Courses to Help you Master your Money . . . and your Life

​Plan your destiny.

Stop feeling trapped and take control of your future; find your dream life.

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The Academy makes learning fun

Who says a course on finance has to be drudgery? If you're tired of the ​boring talking head video approach to learning, you'll get a kick out of our ​beautifully-designed interactive courses. We actually blend FUN into our programming . . . yes, FUN! ​You should feel as EXCITED about building financial freedom as you do when you're planning your dream vacation.

​​And when you think about it, getting to the point where you can make work optional is ​ONE CRAZY ADVENTURE. ​So what could be better than an adventure theme for our courses? Once you sign on for an expedition, your accomplished guide will ​safely lead you to your final destination. Plus, you'll make new friends along the way. Join us!

​Dr. Brenda

​I created the Early Exit Academy to help ambitious, hard-working women and men master their money ... and their lives. We specialize in guiding students to financial FREEDOM.

  • T​he freedom to travel the world on a moment's notice.
  • The freedom to quit your high-stress job and follow your dreams.
  • The freedom to choose how to spend each and every day.
  • The freedom to sleep peacefully without money worries.

​Despite a late start, I built a $1,000,000 net worth on one income as a single mom. Now I'm sharing my knowledge, tools, and unique approach to help others ​reach financial freedom.​

​​Each course that I design is fueled by an adventure theme, engaging content, action-oriented downloads, and a supportive online community.

Hi, I’ll be your navigator on this incredible journey!

Hi! I’m Dr. Brenda

I used to have a high-stress career, but one day it vanished. And the doors opened to a new kind of life. One that allowed me to explore what I really wanted out of life.

Now I’m on a mission to help you become financially free and escape the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.

Do you really want to be punching the clock until you’re too old to enjoy life? Let me help you design a more rewarding life with fewer money worries.  


Academy Courses

We offer two all-inclusive Academy courses – one for Young Escape Artists and another for Midlife Dreamers. Each highly-engaging course will take you on a journey to financial independence and the life of your dreams.

​Young Escape Artists

​​You’re young and disenchanted with the traditional world of work. You’d like to become financially independent at a young age and create a lifestyle that embraces your uniqueness—the concept of FIRE (Financially Independent Retired Early) appeals to you. You’re ready to take charge of your destiny.


​Mid-Life Dreamers

​You’ve been working your entire life. You are feeling burned out by the whole affair. Or you might enjoy work, but would be in big trouble if your job disappears tomorrow. You want the financial freedom to leave your job on your own terms and to prioritize other aspects of your life.


Crash Courses

Crash courses are compact lessons focused on specific topics – they’ll help you tackle one goal at a time.


​Get out of Debt Now

​You are ready to tackle debt and you want to do it the smart way. Plus, you’d like to be debt-free as quickly as possible. Course includes a BONUS session on side hustles.